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Now, according to the health care reform act, health insurance is mandatory or you will be charged a penalty.

Getting health insurance through The Insurance Doctor offers many advantages. Our agents offer experience and knowledge of the requirements to provide the best coverage for your situation meanwhile providing friendly service. We offer health insurance to companies, individuals, and families. Fortunately, through the health care reform act, you may qualify for a government subsidy that pays up to 100 % of your monthly premium.

For more information on coverage, costs and plan options, you can count on The Insurance Doctor.

The Open Enrollment Period begins November 1, 2015 until February 15, 2016. There are qualifying events that allow you to enroll in a health insurance plan outside the open enrollment period.

Qualifying events include:

  • Involuntary loss of other coverage
  • Individual plan renewing outside of the regular open enrollment
  • People who were enrolled in COBRA
  • Becoming a dependent or gaining a dependent
  • Marriage
  • Divorce
  • Becoming a United States citizen
  • A permanent move to an area where different qualified health plans (QHPs) are available.
  • An error or problem with enrollment
  • Employer-sponsored coverage reducing benefits such that it no longer provides minimum value, or becomes unaffordable
  • For people who are already enrolled and receiving coverage: if there is a change in income or family status affecting their eligibility for tax credits or cost-sharing reductions.

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